Our Team 我们的团队
Cindy Yip 叶慧 Partner & Founder 合伙人 & 创始人

Tel: +8610 51077959   Email: cindyyip@prestige-associates.com

Cindy Yip, who is GM of Prestige International Associates Co., Ltd. she established PIA in 2008 and leads the company to be promising. In past several years, PIA earns lot of praise from clients, like Shell, Alibaba, Google, Schneider, KuaiShou, DCM capital, Hillhouse, BoYu capital,YY etc. Till now, has successfully closed more than 5000 cases for different clients.

Before starting up the PIA, she was VP in Chinahr & meanwhile in charge of Headhunting divisions GM. in this duration , the team has made very much progressed , from only several staff team to become a strong team,in which absorbed many talent willing to work .meanwhile , the proportion of revenue the team occupy in total achievement of chinahr , was also growing from 5% to 50%. she is especially in rich experience in dealing various complicated cases.The client wildly distributes in traditional and emerging, foreign and private-owned companies,i.e. Shell, Prizer, Schneider, HP, Google, Baidu, Elong, Citrix, Amzon, Philips, IBM, etc..

叶慧, 泰瑞盛世有限公司的创始人, 于2008年成立北京公司, 之后在上海, 广州建立分公司。 在过往的几年, 她带领团队从一点一滴做起, 至今已经成功完成超过5000个职位, 客户包括不仅传统的世界500强, 例如壳牌, 辉瑞, 施耐德, 西门子等, 也有新兴的创业公司, 例如阿里巴巴, 快手, 美丽说, 蘑菇街, YY等。

在她成立泰瑞盛世之前, 她曾任中华英才网副总裁兼猎头事业部总经理。 她于2000年加入英才网, 带领大客户部, 中小客户部, 校园部, 猎头部等所有一线部门, 快速提升业绩占领市场份额, 每年业绩增长50%以上。 后因公司发展需要,转为猎头独立事业部总经理, 带领猎头部门快速发展, 并成为公司唯一盈利的事业部,为公司发展立下汗马功劳。 猎头事业部服务于不同类型的公司, 有传统公司, 也有新型的互联网公司, 有石油行业, 也有制药, 制造, 金融及IT行业, 例如壳牌, 辉瑞, 拜耳, 施耐德, 西门子, 摩根斯坦利, 中德证据, 高盛等; 经手的职位均属中高层的不同职能或业务类岗位。

Kelvin Yang 杨振宇 Partner 合伙人

Tel: +8610 51077646   Email: kelvinyang@prestige-associates.com

Kelvin joined PIA in 2016 as the partner based in Beijing. He has more than ten years of international executive search experience and has worked extensively in Financial Institutions, IT, Consumer&Retail, Healthcare, Industrial, etc. Prior to PIA, Kelvin had severed at Euro Search and Executive Access, and started his career at Amrop Hever Group. He holds a Master degree in International Development at The University of Bath, England and a Bachelor degree in Economics from Capital University of Economics and Business, China.

Kelvin Yang 于2016年作为合伙人加入PIA。他拥有超过十年的猎头经验,涉及行业包括金融服务、IT、消费零售、医药、工业等。在加入PIA之前,曾在Euro Search, Executive Access以及Amrop Hever工作。本科毕业于首都经济贸易大学,硕士毕业于英国巴斯大学。

Jacqueline Ye 叶乐娟 Partner 合伙人

Tel: +8620 22373632   Email: j.ye@prestige-associates.com

Jacqueline Ye, who is now the Branch Manager with Prestige International Associates Guangzhou Branch. Since 2008 joined PIA, she is in charge of formulating business goals and development plans of Guangzhou Branch, the formation and recruitment of GZ Branch, leading the team to complete the Business Development and the team results.

Before PIA,she was the principle HR Consultant with Chinahr.com Guangzhou Office focusing on Non-IT industry. Since Oct 2000 joined ChinaHR, she has contacted the following clients: Phillips, Unilever, Siemens, BP, Schick, Honeywell, Intel, etc. Also, Jacqueline attended the campus-recruiting project from 2001 and total interviewed over five hundred students for IBM, Philips, haier, China Mobile, Toshiba, Aotodesk.

Before ChinaHR, she was the chief officer in Topline Corp. GZ Office, responsible for office finance, administration, HR. The HR side was mainly about recruiting, contract drafting, communicating the labor side, C&B, and so on.

Before Topline, she worked for Vanson Trading Ltd. as Finance and administration sup being in charge of accounting affair, and screen resume, interview, support different department to recruit suitable employees.

Before Vanson, She was worked for Guangdong Textile company as accountant.

Jacquline, 泰瑞盛世广州分公司的总经理, 2008年加入泰瑞盛世广州分公司, 负责广州业务的拓展, 带领广州团队克服一个又一个难关, 带领分公司持续稳步发展。 她本人擅长的职位包括人事,财务, 销售,市场等职位。

在加入泰瑞盛世广州分公司之前,Jacquline在中华英才网广州分公司猎头部负责非IT行业的职位, 作为高级顾问, 负责的客户有飞利浦, 壳牌, BP石油, 霍尼韦尔, 西门子, 施耐德等公司的职位, 另外jacquline也参与了多家公司管理培训生的挑选和招募, 例如IBM, 中国移动, 东芝等。作为广州分公司的高级顾问, 每年都能100% 的完成公司业绩。

在加入英才之前, Jacquline分别在万顺和特品等公司任职财务。